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I'm poking around Wikipedia. Checking out the Toronto Maple Leafs. The oldest Leaf is Mats Sundin, been one since 1994. Prolly why he's the captian. But who knows for sure? Next guy is Tie Domi (1995).

I remember a few years ago, we used to have names of the players. Mine would be Shane Corson, since my name is similar. Tyler's would be Tie Domi; Maegan's would be Darcy Tucker, cause he is/was the smallest guy on the team, and Maegan is the smallest in the family. My dad's would be Wendel Clark, cause that's his name. I don't think my mom had one, but it might've been Mats Sundin at one time. But I'm gone. :P

Heh, my dad calls Alexei Ponikarovsky "Ponyboy". I'm like, "Where's Sodapop?" ^^;;

I'm pretty jumpy today. It's windy out, so the shutters will be banging, and it don't help much. I didn't get much sleep last night (or any other night, really) cause I keep hearing these tappings on my headboard. It doesn't help that my cat's in the basement making noises, and my room's right above the pumps and all that. So some of the noises is from the pipes and my cat, but I'm not too sure about my headboard. It's prolly just hitting the wall, but I dunno... it seems to be directly on the headboard, not the wall.

My mom taught me how to make "cinnamon butter". Ish pretty good, although I put too much sugar in it, making my stomach sore. All you have to do is put butter/magarine (whichever you have), cinnamon, and sugar and mix it up. You can put it on toast. *lightbulb appears above her head* Maybe I'll try put it in my story somewheres.

I found this really cool ring. It's silver and has a black diamond on it. I liked it, so mom let me have it.

Anyhoo, gotta go. I'm babysitting Maegan, who isn't feeling too well. :/
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