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I'm trying to find some sheet music. Any of you have a good site for sheet music?

Am thinking of changing my layout a bit. So I'm off to search for some brushes/textures and whatnot. I might also make some icons and stuff. Yeah.

I got some recordable DVDs, so I'm thinking of making a DVD with those skits Channy, Tyler and I did. I already got a DVD-Maker. Whatcha think?

Just curious, what's the name of the school y'all go to? I'm not gonna stalk or anything, I'm just curious. ^^;; Mine's Waterford High School, but I think you knew that. Okay, now don't stalk me! *hides*


A couple of quotes.

Maegan: I took Sissy down!
Me: And I took you down with me!
My Dad: That only happens once, Maegan. (taking me down)

Me: [trying to cut my chicken with my fork] DIE TURKEY!
Tyler: It's a chicken.
Me: No, it's a turkey.
Tyler: It's a chicken.
Me: Well, whatever it was, it's dead.
Tyler: XD

WAHHH! My printer is crapped out, and I can't print off sheet music and guitar tabs. *sobs* Oh, and my MP3 player is broken too. The fast forward button is stuck, but I still can listen to my music (thank God).

And my rose is dying. ;_; (My dad got me a rose for Valentine's Day. ^.^)
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