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Blood Chocolate, yum!

Dude, looking I’m looking through my old LJ and there’s this part that I vaguely remember (most likely because I didn’t want to remember it). It was when I was really upset that Chantel ditched me to play with my other cousins and left me with a bunch of drunk people, and I wanted to get out of there. So I ask my mom for the car keys, and I’m sitting alone in the car, listening to Tyler’s burned CD, then I just started slapping myself as hard as I could.

I’m like, “I slapped myself just because Chantel ditched and left me with a bunch of drunks?! Man, I’m stupid!” But yet, it seems like it still hurts that she did that, but not anymore. The slapping myself part is what sounds stupid it me now.

Then there was entries about my old school, and I’m like, “Who the eff is Kurt? Ohh – KURT! ^^;” And I MISS Alysha so muchies! I wish she didn’t move away. And I miss Naomi a lot too. My mom keeps telling me she sees Naomi and her mom around. Yes, I miss all my old friends.

Also quote entries were there. I remember my dad saying something like, “They didn’t put any cheese on my burger! Man, I was mad at the world for five minutes!” I’m like, “*imagines being mad at the world for five minutes just because you didn’t get cheese on your burger*”. ^^;;

Anyways, enough with the old LJ crap. Is it okay to be interested in killers/murderers? Cause I’m interested and reading about a couple killers/murderers, but I feel like it’s wrong. I mean, I’m not interested in what they did/do (kill people), but what they were like before they killed. Something like that, yeah. *shrugs* I dunno… I’m reading a lot of them, but I feel like it’s wrong. :/

Maegan lost another tooth again. Blech, I hated having a loose tooth. You couldn’t hardly eat anything, and I think I hated it the most is when I was eating a Caramilk and my tooth came out, and there was blood and chocolate in my mouth. x_x;; OHH! I just now remember “Blood Chocolate”! I used to say stuff like, “I’m gonna have some blood chocolate,” / “Want some blood chocolate?” to Saria and Sandy. ^^;

I’m making some dolls for my characters in my story. Mebbe I’ll post them when they’re finished, and I’m also writing their bios. The bios won’t be finished until a week or so. Yeah.

Wrote in my notebook about kidnapping Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher and torturing them to make them come back to “That ‘70s Show”. And also about five marshmallows fighting over who gets to sing a duet with Eminem.

Mmkay, I’m done. I’m kind of losing interest in blogging right now, so I’ll probably won’t be updating much. So just in case you’re wondering where I am and stuff.

Who wants blood chocolate? Just kiddin' ^^;;


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