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Quoteseses of Randomnesseses

Meh, posting some random quotes cause I’m bored.

“It’s hedgehog day!” –Jeri-Ann. (She meant to say “Groundhog Day”. ^^;;)

“Poor Jeri… too old to go downstairs, too young to be upstairs. She should just sit on the stairs,” –my dad, cause Jeri doesn’t go downstairs to play with Maegan and Nikki, but we all think she should.

Tyler: [dumping water and icecubes into the sink]
Me: [gasps] Why’d you kill those icecubes? They did nothing to you!
Tyler: Shh, it’s okay. [hugs me]
Me: [sobbing on Tyler’s shoulder] They did nothing to you!

Me: [pokes] Why’d you kill those icecubes? They did nothing to you!
Tyler: Want me to kill you?
Me: …no, thanks. But really, the icecubes did nothing to you!
Tyler: Want to do nothing to me, so I can kill you?
Me: Watch me, little buddy.

Me: ‘Sup Lucy Jr.?
My Mom: You’re gounded!
Me: Nooo!

Me: ‘Sup Shannon Jr.?
Chantel: lol. ‘sup Rhonda Jr.?

“…and Spongebob comes out of nowhere!” –the hockey announcer guy. (this goalie made a save with his shin pads (or whatever), and they were yellow and looked like Spongebob)

((Channy and I were making smoothies, which need to crush icecubes. Since we don’t have a blender, we use a hand-mixer.))
Me: [plugs in hand-mixer]
Chantel: [holds cup]
Me: [puts hand-mixer in the cup, and turns it on, making a loud noise]
Chante: Ahhh! Geez, that’s loud!
Me: [laughing]

“Aw, now, come on!” –Chantel, when Tyler and his friends got her nice, white shoes all muddy.

Me: Can I have a drink?
Chantel: Sure. [hands me her bottle of water]
Me: [takes a drink] Thanks. [gives her the bottle back]
Chantel: Yeah.
Me: [coughs a little]
Chantel: [begins to clean the bottle with her sweater]
Me: What are you doing?
Chantel: I don’t want to get sick.

My Mom: Man, I have a big butt! Remember my jeans last night?
Me: Yep. Me and Tyler were laughing our butts off.
My Mom: I wish I can laugh my butt off.

“I say we kidnap Topher Grace and make him come back!” –me. (what? I’m still upset he left “That ‘70s Show”.)

Wanna know something else funny? Chantel and I have almost the same nicknames – Shanie and Channy. Plus, Soda and Pony. ^^;;

Well, that’s all. Yes, I know my quotes aren’t funny (maybe a little). But I’ma post them, anyway.

Nightness everyone!

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