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Do you know what I hate and think is funny at the same time? How some of my friends ask me for boyfriend advice or something, and I don’t even exist to guys at school or anywhere else. And when I give my friends advice, they say it was good. Either they’re just being nice (cause they’re my friends, I guess) or I actually do give good advice about something I’ve never experienced.

I found my old notebook. I was reading a bunch of random stuff in it. I was even switching back and forth between the blue and red pens. ^^;; There was some other stuff in that book too, that I’ve written before. There was the skits Channy and Tyler did, and I wrote “When I’m Gone” the first time. Yeah, lots of random stuff in that book. I was thinking of writing more stuff in it, and maybe even scanning and posting pics. But I won’t do that because no one will care and my handwriting sucks. :P

Meh, talking to Channy on MSN. She’s not really talking to me, since she’s talking to tons of other people. Not me, though. She’s the only one online. So, yeah… she’s the only one I can talk to. I hate that when it happens. When you’re talking to someone who can’t talk to you because they’re talking to other people, and you have no one else to talk to. Speaking of Channy, I made her an LJ. ^^;; But she said she’s most likely not use it.

*sobs* Now emails from Shannon yet. Where ish you, Shannon? Probably working on getting her grades up, if that, I’m not complaining. She said she might be back online in March or so, if not, summer for sure. Gyah, I can’t wait! I’m like excited and nervous at the same time. I mean, what if we can finally talk on MSN or something? Or what if it’s a false alarm?

I’m getting better now. Like I said, it was just a head cold. I’m still a bit sick-ish, though. My nose is a bit runny, and I have a little cough, but that’s it.

Yay, my dad got me more icecubes! Now I can make more smoothies! ^_^

I’ll be starting school tomorrow. I’ll let y’all know how that goes.

Well, I’m off.

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[music| Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin]
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