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Little kiddies playing sports is quite amusing. (No, not in a mean way, I meant in a cute way.) On Wednesday, we went to Nikki’s lacrosse game. It was so cute. They kept tripping over each other, falling down, and running all over the place. One of my cousins came out just to say “hi” to my other cousin. And man, they were so tiny! ^^

Chantel was there, but I didn’t see her at first. (For those that don’t know, Chantel and Nikki are sisters.) I thought she wasn’t there at all, but it turns out she was keeping the score. So after the game we hung out, and she came over and spent the night.

We (me, Channy, Tyler and Maegan) all played hockey downstairs. We all took turns being on teams, Tyler took on all three of us girls, then we got a bit tired afterward. Then Maegan and Tyler started “hockey” fighting, in which Tyler won and made Maegan cry and go upstairs. Then Channy and Tyler started fighting, and Tyler beat her. Then Tyler and I fought, and it was tied to the first time. The second time, he won. Probably because he had my hoodie over my head, and I couldn’t see or breathe. ^^;;

Then we went upstairs and Tyler went on the computer, and us girls went into my room. We got bored, and pretended to interview each other. Then Tyler came in, and we interviewed him. He was funnier than the rest of us, he was giving Channy (the interviewer) a hard time and talking back to her. But even Tyler’s interview was boring, so I taped over it.

We were gonna do some more “70s Show” skits, but why not make a different movie? So we did our own funny skit of “The Exorcist” and “Exorcism of Emily Rose”. Tyler’s performance was really funny. XD And Channy happened to have a small black notebook that was perfect for a Bible. We used a bingo dabber as holy water. And I still had my old Hogwarts robe from Halloween a couple years ago, so Channy wore that, and *DUN DUN DUN* we have the Exorcist!

After that, we just watched movies on tv. Channy and Tyler wanted to watch “You Got Served”, but I didn’t want to. I think it’s a bit boring, but the dancing is pretty good. But I couldn’t go to sleep cause I felt really crappy. My head hurts and my nose is all stuffed up. Methinks I got a head cold or something.

And I still feel crappy. I tried to go to sleep an hour or so ago, but I couldn’t. Gawd, my head hurts so bad! x_x Hopefully it’s just a head cold, and I don’t catch a real cold or anything. I *hate* being sick!

Some random quoteses from yesterday!

Tyler: Are you ready to play hockey?
Maegan: Yes. Are they [me and Channy] ready?
Tyler: I’m asking you. Are you ready?
Maegan: Yes. Are they?
Tyler: Are you?
Maegan: Yes! Are they?
Tyler: Are you?
Maegan: Yes. Are they?

Chantel: [is downstairs with my camcorder] Mmmm… [looks around]
Me: [from the top of the stairs] [in a ghostly voice] Chantel…
Chantel: Hey, don’t do that. I’m scared.
Me: [ghostly voice] Give me 20, walk it off!
(Note: The “give me 20” line is from “That 70s Show”, in case you’re wondering.)

Chantel: Who do you like, me or Hyde?
Me: Hyde.
Chantel: *gasps* How dare you!

Chantel: Now let us pray. Everyone please open your books to page 91.
Me: Um… Chantel, you’re the only one that has a book.
Chantel: …oh.

Chantel: Tell me your six names, Demons!
Tyler: Marques!
Me: [gasps and covers mouth]
Chantel: Your second name!
Tyler: Houston!
Me: [sprinkles holy water on Tyler]
Chantel: You third name!
Tyler: Lennox!
Chantel: Your forth name!
Tyler: Michael!
Chantel: Your fifth name!
Tyler: Jackson!
Chantel: Your sixth name!
Tyler: Elvis, the Devil in flesh!
Chantel: Who sent you?
Tyler: [growls]
Chantel: Who sent you?
Tyler: The house.
Chantel: The house of what?
Tyler: The House of Blues!
Chantel: How did you die?
Tyler: [refuses to say anything]
Me: [slowly tips over the holy water on him]
Tyler: [freaks out]
Chantel: How did you die?
Tyler: I OD’ed … on the toilet!

Last quote was the exorcism. It was so funny, we couldn’t help but laugh. I meant to say “Oh no! The most evil demon of all!” when I gasped and put my hand over my mouth, but I couldn’t say it since I was still laughing. ^^;; And we turned off the lights and put the nightvision on my camcorder, so Tyler’s eyes looked creepy. A couple times, he smiled at Chantel and she’s like, “Ew! Don’t do that!”

Twas lots of fun, even though I have a head cold.

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