Soda (lyricalsilence) wrote,

Hippity Hoo Blah!

Meh, I'm bored. I downloaded some ringtones on my cellphone. Except I couldn't find any Eminem! >.<;

I'm gonna make some sugar cookies sometimes. That's if I find the recipe, don't eat the frosting up, or don't get lazy. I have no idea where the recipe is, but I do remember most of the ingredients. I'll just have to find a recipe online somewheres.

Aaaand, I need to get "That 70s Show" season two again cause the one I have is broken. For some of the eppies, it says "Unable To Read Disk". I thought it was just the PS2, but the eppies don't work for my laptop either. So's I might need to get it again. And season three, too.

Bleh, I'm hungry. Don't know what for, though. Okies, well bye!
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