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"When zen ends, ass-kicking begins," -Hyde

Channy came over on Saturday and spent the night. Man, Saturday night was the best! We did skits from “That 70s Show” with my camcorder. It was so funny. We had to keep a straight face on, which was hard except for Tyler, who’s taking Drama in school. Here is the skits under the cut and some stuff.


[There’s a knock on the door.]

RED: “Take whatever you want!” [knocking persists] “Aw crap!” [leaves to answer the door. After, he comes back] [singing] “Hippity hoppity, Easter’s on it’s way!”

KITTY: “What happened, Red?”

RED: “Well, I was hopping down the old bunny trail, and I met a guy who wanted Eric’s car. So I sold it to him.”

KITTY: “You sold Eric’s car? Oh no!” [bursts out laughing]

Tyler played Red and I played Kitty. Chantel was taping. I laughed at some of the parts, but not to badly. We only did this scene once.


ERIC: “Dad, you sold my car? How could you?”

RED: “But you’re always asking me for money.”

ERIC: “For gas! For the car!”

HYDE: “You shoulda check with us first, Red.”

ERIC: “I’m not running any more errands for you pal.”

HYDE: “You shouldn’t take things that aren’t yours.”

ERIC: “I had stuff in the back seat. Now that’s just all gone.”

HYDE: [places hand on Eric’s shoulder] “Calm down Forman.” [to Red] “Okay, Red. Who did you sold the car to?”

RED: “I sold it … to a guy named Peter. Peter Cottontail.” [starts singing] “Hopping down the bunny trail! Hippity Hoppity, Easter’s on it’s way!”

I have no idea how many times we tape this scene. First, we all couldn’t remember our lines. Then we couldn’t keep a straight face. Tyler remember his lines, and got used to it enough to keep a straight face on. I kind of already knew my lines since I was the one who wrote the script down. I kind of had trouble keeping a straight face on. But Chantel wasn’t doing so good. She couldn’t remember her line, and she kept laughing. Sometimes Maegan would take Channy’s place for awhile. (Maegan was the cameraperson).

We all took turns being the characters. Tyler was mostly Red or Eric because he was the most serious. I was pretty much all of them. I think the first time was Channy=Red, Me=Hyde, and Tyler=Eric. Chantel couldn’t play Red, so she and Tyler switched. Then me and Tyler switched. Since Tyler didn’t get to play Hyde, we did a little quick one before going on to the next.

Oh, and while I was playing Red, I accidentally said, “Peter Pettigrew,” instead of “Peter Cottontail.” Everyone cracked up at that one.


* Wasn’t originally in the script. We just added it afterwards.

*ERIC: “Man, Kelso, that jacket really does make you look like the Fonz.” [Eric and Fez laughs]

KELSO: “Shut up, you guys!”

ERIC: “Hey Kelso! Fudgsicle!” [throws fudgscicle]

[Kelso dives for it but misses, and Fez catches it and starts to eat it]

KELSO: “Where’d it go?” [begins to look around for the fudgescicle]

ERIC: [sits on the back of the couch] “Man, guys. What am I gonna do about Donna?”

KELSO: [pops up from behind the couch] “Well, what you gotta do is handle your situations like a man.”

[Laurie comes in with laundry. Kelso hops over the couch and walks up to her]

KELSO: “Hey Laurie.”

LAURIE: [turns around to see Kelso wearing the jacket] [laughs] [to camera with her thumbs up] “’eyy!” [leaves]

KELSO: [takes off jacket and throws it to the ground] God, I hate this jacket! [stomps on it] [to Fez] And that’s MY fudgscicle!” {snatches it from Fez and leaves]

*ERIC: “Man, that jacket is the best thing that ever happened to us.” (Originally said by Hyde)

Man, that was pretty fun. We did it in our living room, and we changed the couches around. Well, we kinda had to, because Tyler had to go behind the couch. And as you probably guessed it, Tyler=Kelso, Me=Eric, Maegan=Fez, Channy=Laurie, and Fudgscicle=Himself (although he kept getting eaten, and we had to replace him a lot).

Casting for this one was kinda weird, when I think about it. First, I had to pretend I was Eric having problems with Donna. Since I was a girl, it seemed homosexual or whatever. And Kelso had to come on to Laurie, and Tyler and Channy are cousins. Seems a bit incestuous, huh? But what could you do? It was only the four of us, and there was only one boy. And we’re all related. Tyler REALLY wanted to play Kelso. I didn’t mind being Eric, cause he’s my fave character on the show. (WHY DID HE LEAVE?!)

That was so fun! ^_^ I thought I was gonna have trouble cause I thought I would either look at the camera, and not keep a straight face. Tyler was the best, but it’s probably because he’s taking Drama in school. He’s sort of more experienced. Chantel had a hard time keeping a straight face and memorizing her lines. But she did really good in the third skit, when she came in with laundry. It looked like she was actually doing laundry. She kind of got Tyler frustrated at more than one point. I didn’t have any trouble at all with my lines, since I was kinda the one who wrote them down. I had trouble keeping a straight face in the second skit. But not as much as Channy. Maegan did okay when she replaced Channy.

I uploaded the videos onto my laptop. Don’t know if any of you want to see them, but if you do, email me and I’ll send them to you (somehow). (Yeah, on Hotmail, I can’t send anything). But you gotta be a friend of mine! Like I’m gonna send anything to a complete stranger, sheesh.

Also, I’m gonna write an “Outsiders” fic based on “That 70s Show”. It’s pretty much “That 70s Show”, but with “Outsiders” characters. Also, the lines will be changed around to fit with "The Outsiders". Am gonna try to start on that. Maybe I’ll have a preview chapter up sometime later.

And I need help (well, Ash’s help mostly, since she’s a fan of both “The Outsiders” and “That 70s Show”).

Which episodes from “That 70s Show” do you think is the funniest/best? I need 20, and all I have so far is “Garage Sale”, “Halloween”, and maybe “Burning Down the House” and “First Date”.

Which character from “The Outsiders” should play which character from “That 70s Show”? Like should Pony play a role as Eric, Dally as Hyde, etc? Or should I just take turns with them, depending on their personalities. It don’t really matter, this fic will have lots of OOCness and randomness in it.

Lastly, What should the couples be? Pony/Cherry? Two-Bit/Marcia? Etc.

Well, thanks in advance for those who helped. Wow, me and my crazy brain could think of an "70s Show"/"Outsiders" fic. See yous later!
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