Soda (lyricalsilence) wrote,

"Could you be a doll and pick up some pop?"

I'm still cracking up about Tyler's text message to Dad. XD

Oh, I got my bank card! Finally! Problem: I don't remember my password/PIN number thingy. ...I'm screwed.

Tyler had a game last night. They lost 3-0. Oh well, better than 8-0, right? He has another game right now. I didn't go cause I was feeling too lazy.

Y'know what sucks about our teams here? There's a House-League and an All-Star League. All-Stars are like the very good players, and the House-League is, well, not the very good players. They were suppose to be split up, evenly. Tyler's in second-year Bantam. But they put like a few second-year Bantams and ten first years on the House-League. Than they put ten second-years and a few first years on the All-Star team. That's not even at all!

Anyway, me and Maegan were having fun yesterday afternoon. We were playing this game with my "Outsiders" DVD. We just flip a coin and see who it landed on, and each are worth points. Pretty simple, but fun. And I gave Maegan the nickname of Johnnycake. ^_^ Although, I'm thinking she could be Pony, since I rarely see Chantel anymore.

Mom's taking me shopping later. Maegan's going to a b-day party. And I don't know what Dad and Tyler's gonna do. Probably watch Tyler's friends' game.

I wonder if Channy can come over... Prolly not. :/

Anyhoo, I'm off. I'm watching "That 70's Show". Bais!
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