Soda (lyricalsilence) wrote,

January 13, 2006

Heh, wrote the date done cause I can't think of a subject. :P

Tyler had a hockey game yesterday. They lost 8-0. Dad said the boys gave up after it was 3-0. Tyler did good, he was the only one trying, but he too gave up afterwhile. I'm not surprise, it was their first game in a long time anyway. They have a game today and tomorrow.

After Tyler's game, I visited Channy. She was on MSN, but she got off afterwhile. She kinda annoyed me, cause she was going to log off, and she was hurrying before anyone would IM her. Whenever someone did, she'd be like, "Gawd!", and I'm like, "Chantel, just ignore them."

I'm thinking of rebooting my laptop. It's gotten too annoying for me (which is why I don't go on MSN anymore), and I got a way to save Paint Shop Pro. I'm just gonna have to buy a new one.

See, my mom says she's gonna spend $25 on me everyweek. Starting next week, I'm gonna save up for PSP. Plus, I have like $75 in my bank account, so maybe I'll get some money from there.

Speaking of which, I still never got my bank card. Tyler signed up for his bank account a few days ago, and a couple of days later, he got his bank card. I signed up for my bank account nearly half a year ago, and I still haven't gotten my bank card. Bleh, that sucks.

My Dad: You're grounded!
Me: You can't ground me, you're my dad!

Me: Why is your hockey stick in bed?
Tyler: That's how the professionals do it, sleep with their hockey sticks.
Me: In their sister's bed?
Tyler: Yep.

"That girl is so skinny, you can see her ribs. Heck, I'll take some of my fat and put it on her!" -Chantel

My Grandma: That girl is almost tall as Shalane or taller.
Me: What, she's short?

"Could you be a doll and buy some pop?" -Tyler's text message to my dad

Chantel: How about you call me.
Me: Yeah, I'm not doing that.
Chantel: Okay, then, I'll call you.
Me: Y'know what your problem is? I'm too good looking.
Chantel: Tsss.

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