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Meh. [2-22-06 at 7pm]
I'm trying to find some sheet music. Any of you have a good site for sheet music?

Am thinking of changing my layout a bit. So I'm off to search for some brushes/textures and whatnot. I might also make some icons and stuff. Yeah.

I got some recordable DVDs, so I'm thinking of making a DVD with those skits Channy, Tyler and I did. I already got a DVD-Maker. Whatcha think?

Just curious, what's the name of the school y'all go to? I'm not gonna stalk or anything, I'm just curious. ^^;; Mine's Waterford High School, but I think you knew that. Okay, now don't stalk me! *hides*


A couple of quotes.

Maegan: I took Sissy down!
Me: And I took you down with me!
My Dad: That only happens once, Maegan. (taking me down)

Me: [trying to cut my chicken with my fork] DIE TURKEY!
Tyler: It's a chicken.
Me: No, it's a turkey.
Tyler: It's a chicken.
Me: Well, whatever it was, it's dead.
Tyler: XD

WAHHH! My printer is crapped out, and I can't print off sheet music and guitar tabs. *sobs* Oh, and my MP3 player is broken too. The fast forward button is stuck, but I still can listen to my music (thank God).

And my rose is dying. ;_; (My dad got me a rose for Valentine's Day. ^.^)
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Update-ness [2-14-06 at 3pm]
I gotta be quick, so I'm just gonna post this in point form.

-Went to school yesterday. Nothing happened, and I stayed home today.

-Maegan is singing Christmas songs on Valentine's Day.

-Speaking of which, it is Valentine's Day, which is one of the holidays I don't really care about. Too lovey-dovey for me, I guess. :/

-My laptop is a bit messed up right now, and I won't be on much.

♥ ♥ ♥
♥ ♥ ♥
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Blood Chocolate, yum! [2-10-06 at 9am]
Dude, looking I’m looking through my old LJ and there’s this part that I vaguely remember (most likely because I didn’t want to remember it). It was when I was really upset that Chantel ditched me to play with my other cousins and left me with a bunch of drunk people, and I wanted to get out of there. So I ask my mom for the car keys, and I’m sitting alone in the car, listening to Tyler’s burned CD, then I just started slapping myself as hard as I could.

I’m like, “I slapped myself just because Chantel ditched and left me with a bunch of drunks?! Man, I’m stupid!” But yet, it seems like it still hurts that she did that, but not anymore. The slapping myself part is what sounds stupid it me now.

Then there was entries about my old school, and I’m like, “Who the eff is Kurt? Ohh – KURT! ^^;” And I MISS Alysha so muchies! I wish she didn’t move away. And I miss Naomi a lot too. My mom keeps telling me she sees Naomi and her mom around. Yes, I miss all my old friends.

Also quote entries were there. I remember my dad saying something like, “They didn’t put any cheese on my burger! Man, I was mad at the world for five minutes!” I’m like, “*imagines being mad at the world for five minutes just because you didn’t get cheese on your burger*”. ^^;;

Anyways, enough with the old LJ crap. Is it okay to be interested in killers/murderers? Cause I’m interested and reading about a couple killers/murderers, but I feel like it’s wrong. I mean, I’m not interested in what they did/do (kill people), but what they were like before they killed. Something like that, yeah. *shrugs* I dunno… I’m reading a lot of them, but I feel like it’s wrong. :/

Maegan lost another tooth again. Blech, I hated having a loose tooth. You couldn’t hardly eat anything, and I think I hated it the most is when I was eating a Caramilk and my tooth came out, and there was blood and chocolate in my mouth. x_x;; OHH! I just now remember “Blood Chocolate”! I used to say stuff like, “I’m gonna have some blood chocolate,” / “Want some blood chocolate?” to Saria and Sandy. ^^;

I’m making some dolls for my characters in my story. Mebbe I’ll post them when they’re finished, and I’m also writing their bios. The bios won’t be finished until a week or so. Yeah.

Wrote in my notebook about kidnapping Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher and torturing them to make them come back to “That ‘70s Show”. And also about five marshmallows fighting over who gets to sing a duet with Eminem.

Mmkay, I’m done. I’m kind of losing interest in blogging right now, so I’ll probably won’t be updating much. So just in case you’re wondering where I am and stuff.

Who wants blood chocolate? Just kiddin' ^^;;


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Bleh-ish-ness. [2-10-06 at 4am]
I don't really have much to say, so here's a couple memes.

stolen from bethie88Collapse )

And this is stolen from staygoldgreaser

If there is someone on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not without the internet), then post this same sentence in your journal.

Mmkay, I'm off.

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Quoteseses of Randomnesseses [2-6-06 at 10pm]
Meh, posting some random quotes cause I’m bored.

“It’s hedgehog day!” –Jeri-Ann. (She meant to say “Groundhog Day”. ^^;;)

“Poor Jeri… too old to go downstairs, too young to be upstairs. She should just sit on the stairs,” –my dad, cause Jeri doesn’t go downstairs to play with Maegan and Nikki, but we all think she should.

Tyler: [dumping water and icecubes into the sink]
Me: [gasps] Why’d you kill those icecubes? They did nothing to you!
Tyler: Shh, it’s okay. [hugs me]
Me: [sobbing on Tyler’s shoulder] They did nothing to you!

Me: [pokes] Why’d you kill those icecubes? They did nothing to you!
Tyler: Want me to kill you?
Me: …no, thanks. But really, the icecubes did nothing to you!
Tyler: Want to do nothing to me, so I can kill you?
Me: Watch me, little buddy.

Me: ‘Sup Lucy Jr.?
My Mom: You’re gounded!
Me: Nooo!

Me: ‘Sup Shannon Jr.?
Chantel: lol. ‘sup Rhonda Jr.?

“…and Spongebob comes out of nowhere!” –the hockey announcer guy. (this goalie made a save with his shin pads (or whatever), and they were yellow and looked like Spongebob)

((Channy and I were making smoothies, which need to crush icecubes. Since we don’t have a blender, we use a hand-mixer.))
Me: [plugs in hand-mixer]
Chantel: [holds cup]
Me: [puts hand-mixer in the cup, and turns it on, making a loud noise]
Chante: Ahhh! Geez, that’s loud!
Me: [laughing]

“Aw, now, come on!” –Chantel, when Tyler and his friends got her nice, white shoes all muddy.

Me: Can I have a drink?
Chantel: Sure. [hands me her bottle of water]
Me: [takes a drink] Thanks. [gives her the bottle back]
Chantel: Yeah.
Me: [coughs a little]
Chantel: [begins to clean the bottle with her sweater]
Me: What are you doing?
Chantel: I don’t want to get sick.

My Mom: Man, I have a big butt! Remember my jeans last night?
Me: Yep. Me and Tyler were laughing our butts off.
My Mom: I wish I can laugh my butt off.

“I say we kidnap Topher Grace and make him come back!” –me. (what? I’m still upset he left “That ‘70s Show”.)

Wanna know something else funny? Chantel and I have almost the same nicknames – Shanie and Channy. Plus, Soda and Pony. ^^;;

Well, that’s all. Yes, I know my quotes aren’t funny (maybe a little). But I’ma post them, anyway.

Nightness everyone!

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Random Stuff [2-6-06 at 7pm]
Do you know what I hate and think is funny at the same time? How some of my friends ask me for boyfriend advice or something, and I don’t even exist to guys at school or anywhere else. And when I give my friends advice, they say it was good. Either they’re just being nice (cause they’re my friends, I guess) or I actually do give good advice about something I’ve never experienced.

I found my old notebook. I was reading a bunch of random stuff in it. I was even switching back and forth between the blue and red pens. ^^;; There was some other stuff in that book too, that I’ve written before. There was the skits Channy and Tyler did, and I wrote “When I’m Gone” the first time. Yeah, lots of random stuff in that book. I was thinking of writing more stuff in it, and maybe even scanning and posting pics. But I won’t do that because no one will care and my handwriting sucks. :P

Meh, talking to Channy on MSN. She’s not really talking to me, since she’s talking to tons of other people. Not me, though. She’s the only one online. So, yeah… she’s the only one I can talk to. I hate that when it happens. When you’re talking to someone who can’t talk to you because they’re talking to other people, and you have no one else to talk to. Speaking of Channy, I made her an LJ. ^^;; But she said she’s most likely not use it.

*sobs* Now emails from Shannon yet. Where ish you, Shannon? Probably working on getting her grades up, if that, I’m not complaining. She said she might be back online in March or so, if not, summer for sure. Gyah, I can’t wait! I’m like excited and nervous at the same time. I mean, what if we can finally talk on MSN or something? Or what if it’s a false alarm?

I’m getting better now. Like I said, it was just a head cold. I’m still a bit sick-ish, though. My nose is a bit runny, and I have a little cough, but that’s it.

Yay, my dad got me more icecubes! Now I can make more smoothies! ^_^

I’ll be starting school tomorrow. I’ll let y’all know how that goes.

Well, I’m off.

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Tyler [2-4-06 at 8pm]
Channy told to put that as my subject. Yes, she is here and she's scaring me a bit. She's texting on my cellphone, I'm about to kick her butt soon. I'm not trying to be mean, but I'm just possessive of my stuff, especially the expensive crap.

Anyway, we got a treadmill. It's my grandma's van, and my dad has to get it out. But he's watching the hockey game and when he's watching a game, he's lazy. Plus, it's pretty heavy. It took two guys to put it in my grandma's van. And I had to sit on the floor cause there was no room.

Tyler had a game today. They lost, and there was a couple yelling at the refs. It was a good game, but those people got kind of annoying. -_-; Tyler scored a goal, that's why I luff him. ^_^ Nah, not really. I luff him if he didn't score a goal. :P

Channy's gonna spend the night, I think. Her parents might trick her and say no. Hopefully she can. And she said watching me type of creepy. o.O;

Um... what else? Oh, if you have any pics, could you please send them to me? I wanna make a graphic thingy of all my friends. ^_^ Even if we just met or hardly talk, send a pic. Well, that's if you want to. It don't have to be right away, cause I want to get Shannon's pic as well. She won't be online 'till March, if not, summer for sure.

Well, I'm off. I'm trying to learn the lyrics to "Stairway to Heaven". I ♥ that song!
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Bleh. [2-2-06 at 9pm]
Little kiddies playing sports is quite amusing. (No, not in a mean way, I meant in a cute way.) On Wednesday, we went to Nikki’s lacrosse game. It was so cute. They kept tripping over each other, falling down, and running all over the place. One of my cousins came out just to say “hi” to my other cousin. And man, they were so tiny! ^^

Chantel was there, but I didn’t see her at first. (For those that don’t know, Chantel and Nikki are sisters.) I thought she wasn’t there at all, but it turns out she was keeping the score. So after the game we hung out, and she came over and spent the night.

We (me, Channy, Tyler and Maegan) all played hockey downstairs. We all took turns being on teams, Tyler took on all three of us girls, then we got a bit tired afterward. Then Maegan and Tyler started “hockey” fighting, in which Tyler won and made Maegan cry and go upstairs. Then Channy and Tyler started fighting, and Tyler beat her. Then Tyler and I fought, and it was tied to the first time. The second time, he won. Probably because he had my hoodie over my head, and I couldn’t see or breathe. ^^;;

Then we went upstairs and Tyler went on the computer, and us girls went into my room. We got bored, and pretended to interview each other. Then Tyler came in, and we interviewed him. He was funnier than the rest of us, he was giving Channy (the interviewer) a hard time and talking back to her. But even Tyler’s interview was boring, so I taped over it.

We were gonna do some more “70s Show” skits, but why not make a different movie? So we did our own funny skit of “The Exorcist” and “Exorcism of Emily Rose”. Tyler’s performance was really funny. XD And Channy happened to have a small black notebook that was perfect for a Bible. We used a bingo dabber as holy water. And I still had my old Hogwarts robe from Halloween a couple years ago, so Channy wore that, and *DUN DUN DUN* we have the Exorcist!

After that, we just watched movies on tv. Channy and Tyler wanted to watch “You Got Served”, but I didn’t want to. I think it’s a bit boring, but the dancing is pretty good. But I couldn’t go to sleep cause I felt really crappy. My head hurts and my nose is all stuffed up. Methinks I got a head cold or something.

And I still feel crappy. I tried to go to sleep an hour or so ago, but I couldn’t. Gawd, my head hurts so bad! x_x Hopefully it’s just a head cold, and I don’t catch a real cold or anything. I *hate* being sick!

Some random quoteses from yesterday!

exorcismCollapse )

Last quote was the exorcism. It was so funny, we couldn’t help but laugh. I meant to say “Oh no! The most evil demon of all!” when I gasped and put my hand over my mouth, but I couldn’t say it since I was still laughing. ^^;; And we turned off the lights and put the nightvision on my camcorder, so Tyler’s eyes looked creepy. A couple times, he smiled at Chantel and she’s like, “Ew! Don’t do that!”

Twas lots of fun, even though I have a head cold.

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*blinks* [1-31-06 at 10am]
*reading stuff from Wikipedia*

Wow, I'm very mentally ill... O.o; I was diagnosed with a mental disorder-ish, I'm pretty sure I have another one, but I'm not diagnosed. The symptoms fit me perfectly. Plus, I've had a few sleeping disorders.

Someone's messing with my head.
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Hippity Hoo Blah! [1-30-06 at 10am]
Meh, I'm bored. I downloaded some ringtones on my cellphone. Except I couldn't find any Eminem! >.<;

I'm gonna make some sugar cookies sometimes. That's if I find the recipe, don't eat the frosting up, or don't get lazy. I have no idea where the recipe is, but I do remember most of the ingredients. I'll just have to find a recipe online somewheres.

Aaaand, I need to get "That 70s Show" season two again cause the one I have is broken. For some of the eppies, it says "Unable To Read Disk". I thought it was just the PS2, but the eppies don't work for my laptop either. So's I might need to get it again. And season three, too.

Bleh, I'm hungry. Don't know what for, though. Okies, well bye!

Note To Self and Ringtones [1-29-06 at 11am]
Note To Self: Don't listen to "Man! I Feel Like A Woman!" by Shania Twain after videotaping Tyler dancing and lip-syncing to it.

Tyler told me of a good site for ringtones, so I'm going ringtone searching. I'm gonna get Tubular Bells and scare everyone! Muahahaha!

Aaaaand, I have no effin' idea why I got a cellphone in the first place. I mean, I didn't buy it myself, my mom bought it for me. (For school, she said). I don't have any friends to call/text, so I might as well throw the phone away. (But I can't do that cause Mom bought it for me).


Guess What-ness?! [1-27-06 at 9am]
Guess what?

... still guessing?

Good. Cause I ain't gonna tell you.

Ponyboy is. C'mere Pony.

Pony: "No!"

Tell 'em or else!

Pony: "Or else what?"

Or else I'll send the Pillsbury Doughboy and Georgie the Fibre Optic ghost to kill you!

Pony: "So?"

Dude, just tell 'em, okay?

Pony: "Fine. She -*points to me*- now has her very own cellphone."

There, that wasn't so hard, was it? Aren't you glad I didn't get the PDB and Georgie?

Pony: "Yes, yes."

Yessum, I got a cellphone! (Sorry about the dumb announcement about it.)

"Don't Feel No Pain" - Eminem Fanfic. [1-25-06 at 4am]
I was suppose to write my "Outsiders"/"70s Show" fic, but I ended up writing an Eminem fic. It's based on the last two verses of "When I'm Gone". Italics are Em's dreams, metaphorical or not. "& & &" are breaks in time/place etc. Rated PG-13 for a few bad words.

ReadageCollapse )

Watcha think? Good? Bad? Okay? Write the damn "Outsiders" fic? Write another one soon? Don't write any more Eminem fics? Commenties? Don't ask too many questions?

"When zen ends, ass-kicking begins," -Hyde [1-23-06 at 9pm]
Channy came over on Saturday and spent the night. Man, Saturday night was the best! We did skits from “That 70s Show” with my camcorder. It was so funny. We had to keep a straight face on, which was hard except for Tyler, who’s taking Drama in school. Here is the skits under the cut and some stuff.

Read more...Collapse )

That was so fun! ^_^ I thought I was gonna have trouble cause I thought I would either look at the camera, and not keep a straight face. Tyler was the best, but it’s probably because he’s taking Drama in school. He’s sort of more experienced. Chantel had a hard time keeping a straight face and memorizing her lines. But she did really good in the third skit, when she came in with laundry. It looked like she was actually doing laundry. She kind of got Tyler frustrated at more than one point. I didn’t have any trouble at all with my lines, since I was kinda the one who wrote them down. I had trouble keeping a straight face in the second skit. But not as much as Channy. Maegan did okay when she replaced Channy.

I uploaded the videos onto my laptop. Don’t know if any of you want to see them, but if you do, email me and I’ll send them to you (somehow). (Yeah, on Hotmail, I can’t send anything). But you gotta be a friend of mine! Like I’m gonna send anything to a complete stranger, sheesh.

Also, I’m gonna write an “Outsiders” fic based on “That 70s Show”. It’s pretty much “That 70s Show”, but with “Outsiders” characters. Also, the lines will be changed around to fit with "The Outsiders". Am gonna try to start on that. Maybe I’ll have a preview chapter up sometime later.

And I need help (well, Ash’s help mostly, since she’s a fan of both “The Outsiders” and “That 70s Show”).

Which episodes from “That 70s Show” do you think is the funniest/best? I need 20, and all I have so far is “Garage Sale”, “Halloween”, and maybe “Burning Down the House” and “First Date”.

Which character from “The Outsiders” should play which character from “That 70s Show”? Like should Pony play a role as Eric, Dally as Hyde, etc? Or should I just take turns with them, depending on their personalities. It don’t really matter, this fic will have lots of OOCness and randomness in it.

Lastly, What should the couples be? Pony/Cherry? Two-Bit/Marcia? Etc.

Well, thanks in advance for those who helped. Wow, me and my crazy brain could think of an "70s Show"/"Outsiders" fic. See yous later!
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Channy's Sisters Are Skary! [1-21-06 at 9pm]
Yeah, Channy's sisters are here, but no Channy. But my grandma's gone to pick her up. Channy's on MSN right now.

Me, my dad, and Tyler went to see "Underworld: Evolution". It was so-so. It wasn't good to me, but I didn't hate it. Kinda gave me a headache cause it was always dark and stuff. Mom and Maegan went to see "Cheaper By The Dozen 2".

Hmm... what else? Oh, I videotaped Tyler lip-synching to "Man! I Feel Like A Woman!" by Shania Twain. It was pretty funny considering the lyrics and concept of the song. Plus, he was dancing and feeling himself up (but he told me to tape over that part).

Isn't anyone gonna try the lyric quiz thingie?
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"Boo, you whore!" [1-18-06 at 11pm]
Well, I'm on my laptop now. It's working a bit better, but we're not quite done rebooting it and all.

Since I didn't buy my dad a birthday present, I let him have my Evanescence DVD for a month. He loves Evanescence cause of moi! (I'm good. :D)

Anyhoo, stolen a quiz/meme thingie from staygoldgreaser
Post the lyrics to the first 10 songs on your playlist. Then, your friends must guess them.
(Trust me, it's all pretty random. There's only 3 Eminem songs, and if it were up to me, and not Mr. Shuffle, I'd put more than 5 Eminem songs.)

1. "Daddy, it's me! Help Mommy, her wrists are bleeding!"
2. "If it keeps on raining, levee's gonna break,"
3. "I know I can stop the pain if I will it all away,"
4. "I act like shit don't phase me, inside it drives me crazy,"
5. "Frozen inside without your touch, without your love, darling,"
6. "I know it isn't true, I know it isn't true. Love is just a lie, meant to make you blue,"
7. "He's grown farther from home, he's no father. He goes home and barely knows his own daughter,"
8. "It's a damn cold night, trying to figure out this life,"
9. "Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run. There's still time to change the road you're on,"
10. "We're still rocking in Wisconsin. We're all alright! We're all alright!"

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[music| "That's '70s Show Theme" - Cheap Trick ]
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Need... DQ... Burger...! [1-18-06 at 12pm]
A quiz stolen from _frozenflames_ under the cut.

Hogwarts House MixCollapse )

Today ish my dad's birthday. We're gonna have turkey dinner. ^_^

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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"Could you be a doll and pick up some pop?" [1-14-06 at 3pm]
I'm still cracking up about Tyler's text message to Dad. XD

Oh, I got my bank card! Finally! Problem: I don't remember my password/PIN number thingy. ...I'm screwed.

Tyler had a game last night. They lost 3-0. Oh well, better than 8-0, right? He has another game right now. I didn't go cause I was feeling too lazy.

Y'know what sucks about our teams here? There's a House-League and an All-Star League. All-Stars are like the very good players, and the House-League is, well, not the very good players. They were suppose to be split up, evenly. Tyler's in second-year Bantam. But they put like a few second-year Bantams and ten first years on the House-League. Than they put ten second-years and a few first years on the All-Star team. That's not even at all!

Anyway, me and Maegan were having fun yesterday afternoon. We were playing this game with my "Outsiders" DVD. We just flip a coin and see who it landed on, and each are worth points. Pretty simple, but fun. And I gave Maegan the nickname of Johnnycake. ^_^ Although, I'm thinking she could be Pony, since I rarely see Chantel anymore.

Mom's taking me shopping later. Maegan's going to a b-day party. And I don't know what Dad and Tyler's gonna do. Probably watch Tyler's friends' game.

I wonder if Channy can come over... Prolly not. :/

Anyhoo, I'm off. I'm watching "That 70's Show". Bais!
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January 13, 2006 [1-13-06 at 10am]
Heh, wrote the date done cause I can't think of a subject. :P

Tyler had a hockey game yesterday. They lost 8-0. Dad said the boys gave up after it was 3-0. Tyler did good, he was the only one trying, but he too gave up afterwhile. I'm not surprise, it was their first game in a long time anyway. They have a game today and tomorrow.

After Tyler's game, I visited Channy. She was on MSN, but she got off afterwhile. She kinda annoyed me, cause she was going to log off, and she was hurrying before anyone would IM her. Whenever someone did, she'd be like, "Gawd!", and I'm like, "Chantel, just ignore them."

I'm thinking of rebooting my laptop. It's gotten too annoying for me (which is why I don't go on MSN anymore), and I got a way to save Paint Shop Pro. I'm just gonna have to buy a new one.

See, my mom says she's gonna spend $25 on me everyweek. Starting next week, I'm gonna save up for PSP. Plus, I have like $75 in my bank account, so maybe I'll get some money from there.

Speaking of which, I still never got my bank card. Tyler signed up for his bank account a few days ago, and a couple of days later, he got his bank card. I signed up for my bank account nearly half a year ago, and I still haven't gotten my bank card. Bleh, that sucks.

random quotesCollapse )

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... [1-12-06 at 10am]
I'm poking around Wikipedia. Checking out the Toronto Maple Leafs. The oldest Leaf is Mats Sundin, been one since 1994. Prolly why he's the captian. But who knows for sure? Next guy is Tie Domi (1995).

I remember a few years ago, we used to have names of the players. Mine would be Shane Corson, since my name is similar. Tyler's would be Tie Domi; Maegan's would be Darcy Tucker, cause he is/was the smallest guy on the team, and Maegan is the smallest in the family. My dad's would be Wendel Clark, cause that's his name. I don't think my mom had one, but it might've been Mats Sundin at one time. But I'm gone. :P

Heh, my dad calls Alexei Ponikarovsky "Ponyboy". I'm like, "Where's Sodapop?" ^^;;

I'm pretty jumpy today. It's windy out, so the shutters will be banging, and it don't help much. I didn't get much sleep last night (or any other night, really) cause I keep hearing these tappings on my headboard. It doesn't help that my cat's in the basement making noises, and my room's right above the pumps and all that. So some of the noises is from the pipes and my cat, but I'm not too sure about my headboard. It's prolly just hitting the wall, but I dunno... it seems to be directly on the headboard, not the wall.

My mom taught me how to make "cinnamon butter". Ish pretty good, although I put too much sugar in it, making my stomach sore. All you have to do is put butter/magarine (whichever you have), cinnamon, and sugar and mix it up. You can put it on toast. *lightbulb appears above her head* Maybe I'll try put it in my story somewheres.

I found this really cool ring. It's silver and has a black diamond on it. I liked it, so mom let me have it.

Anyhoo, gotta go. I'm babysitting Maegan, who isn't feeling too well. :/
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